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Acne Scar Treatment with Fractional CO2

The best treatment for acne scar is with Fractional CO2  laser.  At Struong Cosmetic (in Westminster Orange County Ca) we have variety of lasers for scar treatment.  Acne scarring occurs in the dermis, which is the area of skin immediately below the surface that acts somewhat like a cushion. When people suffer with acne, the dermis becomes inflamed as the body attempts to repair the wound created when scaly skin, pimples or blackheads are burst or otherwise removed.

In more severe cases, the body can effectively put "too much effort" into dealing with the wound, meaning that there is an excess of collagen built up. This collagen may stay in place permanently, creating the scarring. This scarring often occurs in a way that creates a pit in the skin, sometimes known as an ice pick scar.

In some cases the result is not a true scar, but simply an excess of pigmentation. This may fade away over a few months or years, but generally isn't permanent as with other acne scars.

There is a particularly wide range of acne treatments when compared with other cosmetic medical treatment. They all work towards the same goal of removing the external layers of the scar tissue cells, leaving the scar either heavily faded or completely removed.

There are three main categories of treatment. Skin peels and chemical peels use materials designed to force the body to shed the surface cells. Microdermabrasion uses tiny crystals to physically remove the cells as well as unclogging pores, this treatment is particularly good for treating acne itself as well as the scars. Laser treatment such as Fraxel, Lutronic eC02 or SmartXide CO2,  can also remove the surface cells: it is specially targeted so that it won't cause damage to ordinary, healthy skin cells.

Which treatment is best will depend on the extent of the scarring, the desired results, and the skin type of the patient. For this reason, a consultation is offered with trained and experienced skin experts to help the patient decide. In some cases, combining multiple treatments may have the best effect.

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