Breast Reduction (Liposuction, Laser Lipo) for Female

Female Breast Reduction with Liposuction

For many women, female breast reduction done by Liposculpture has many advantages over traditional breast reduction. Liposculpture of the female breasts is a simple 90 minute procedure that can reduce female breasts by as much as 50% and provide a mild to moderate degree of breast lift. There are no unsightly scars and the most patients can return to work the following day or the day thereafter. Women with large natural breasts often complain of back pain, shoulder soreness and an inability to fit into clothing. Many women feel as though large breasts make them appear heavier than they are, especially in photographs. Female breast reduction by Liposculpture reduces the size and weight of the breasts and can correct for asymmetry present in natural breasts.

What are the benefits of female breast reduction by Liposculpture?

For women who are good candidates, breast reduction through Liposculpture is a safer and easier alternative to a
traditional breast reduction – with no unsightly scars. Female breasts can be reduced by up to 50% and the average reduction is about 30%. A 30% reduction in breast size and weight typically eliminates most of the negative health consequences of large breasts, including shoulder and back pain, difficulty
exercising, skin rashes or infections, and inability to find clothing or bras. Reduced breasts can improve self confidence and make it easier to exercise. 

What is the procedure for a breast reduction with Liposculpture like?

Breast Liposculpture takes about 90 minutes and is done in our office in STRUONG with local numbing. No general anesthesia
or IV sedation is used and patients walk-in and walk-out. You will remain awake and alert, listen to music, watch television or talk with Dr. Truong or his team during your procedure. Most patients report that the procedure is comfortable or virtually pain free.

What are the aftercare instructions for breast Liposculpture?

After the procedure you will be sent home wearing a sports-bra compression garment with absorbent pads over the tiny punctures which will leak fluid for 2 to 4 days. Change your pads every 12
hours. The compression garment will bind your breasts against your chest wall fairly tightly, but you will be able to breathe and move normally. You will wear the garment for 7 days, taking it off to shower or launder it. You can shower the following day. After 7 days, you can continue to wear the compression garment we gave you or you can switch to a bra of your choice.

What if I want additional skin tightening on my breasts?

If the skin on your breasts is thin or your breasts are in very poor condition and you want additional skin tightening, you can choose to add the SmartLipo skin tightening laser for an additional $500.

Do I need to add SmartLipo skin tightening?

The majority of patients do not need to the SmartLipo skin tightening laser because Liposculpture will yield the desired cosmetic results and will help tighten skin and provide some degree of breast lift. If you are very concerned with skin tightening, you may wish to add the SmartLipo laser treatment.

Should I have only the SmartLipo laser (no Liposculpture)?

No. The SmartLipo laser alone is not able to melt a significant amount of fat or tighten skin sufficiently and will not yield suitable cosmetic results. 

Will breast Liposculpture reshape my breasts?

Breast Liposculpture is best suited for patients who like the shape of their breasts, but simply want them smaller and lighter. Liposculpture of the breasts will make your breasts smaller and
lighter, but it won’t change their shape. For example, if you have pointy breasts, you will have pointy breasts after Liposculpture – but they will be smaller pointy breasts. If you want to change the shape of your breasts, you will need a traditional breast reduction, breast lift or breast implants.

Can you tell me what cup size I will be after breast Liposculpture?

No, but we can estimate a percentage reduction after we have done a physical examination. Without a physical examination, we
can estimate a 20 to 50% reduction. Because women wear bras differently, it is impossible to tell what cup size you will be after the procedure. 

If I have breast implants, can I have breast Liposculpture reduction?

As long as your implants are placed under the chest muscle, you can have Liposculpture reduction of the breasts. If your
implants are under the muscle, they will not affect the procedure.

Will breast Liposculpture affect my nipple sensitivity?

Breast Liposculpture should not interfere with your nipple sensitivity. Because all of your breast tissue remains in tact, your nerves should stay the same. Nipple insensitivity is associated with
breast reconstruction because of the cutting involved with traditional surgical procedures. Since breast Liposculpture does not involve any sharp instruments or cutting, your nerves and skin sensitivity should not be affected.


How much does breast reduction with Liposculpture cost?

The cost of female breast reduction from liposuction is $4400 for both breasts or $3200 for one breast. There are no additional fees or taxes.


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Am I a good candidate for Liposculpture of the breast?

Not every woman with large breasts is a good candidate for breast reductions with Liposculpture. Good candidates for female breast reduction with Liposculpture are women with large breasts that are in good condition and have a fatty consistency. If you have dense or
fibrous breasts or very saggy or deflated breasts, you are likely not a good candidate for Liposculpture breast reductions. Teenagers, Asian women with dense breasts, or very thin women with large breasts are often not good candidates because their breast mass is often fibrous, not fatty.

What is the recovery from breast reduction with Liposculpture?

The recovery from breast Liposculpture is fairly easy. You will not likely experience any soreness for 4-6 hours after the procedure. There are no stitches and the tiny punctures will close on their own in 2 to 4 days. Most patients return to work the following day or the day thereafter and are back to exercise in a week or two. Your breasts will feel sore and heavy, similar to tenderness you may experience during your cycle. 

Will breast Liposculpture lift sagging breasts?

Yes. While Liposculpture of the breasts is not the same as a traditional “breast lift”, removing excess fat and stimulating the connective tissue does lead to a mild to moderate amount of lift to the breast. Once excess fat is removed and the breasts are lighter, the elasticity of the connective tissue to lead to a lifting effect. A good rule of thumb is that while the breasts will lift and retract, the direction the nipple points seldom changes.

Are there any scars from Liposculpture of the breast?

Because breast Liposculpture uses only two or three tiny punctures (about the size of a spaghetti noodle) on each breast, there are usually no noticeable scars. There are no stitches and the tiny punctures will close on their own. The punctures are hidden in the breast crease or under the arm. For very dark women or women whose skin scars easily, you may be left tiny lifetime scars.

What results can I expect from breast Liposculpture reduction?

Breast Liposculpture can reduce most breasts by up to 50%, though if your breasts are very fibrous or dense, the reduction will be 20 to 30%. By reducing the weight of your breasts, breast liposuction will also give your breasts a slight to moderate lift. The degree to which your beasts lift depends on the condition of your breasts, the quality of your skin, and the way your body heals.


Can Liposculpture correct breast asymmetry?

Yes. Liposculpture can correct for breast asymmetry. While no medical procedure can guarantee perfection, Liposculpture can indeed make the breasts appear and feel similar in size. 

Can I have only one breast treated?

Yes. If you have one breast that is significantly larger than the other or you only have one breast, it is possible to treat only one. The price is $3200 for a single breast or $4400 for both breasts.

Can I still breast feed after breast Liposculpture?

Breast Liposculpture should not interfere with your ability to breast feed. Breast Liposculpture does not permanently damage the glandular tissue or milk ducts.

What if my breasts don’t heal evenly or I need more fat removed after my procedure?

We are committed to making you look as good and feel as happy about the procedure as possible and we do not charge for touch up or revision work. The need for touch up work is rare, however if your
breasts heal unevenly or you feel that you would benefit from additional fat being removed, please return to our office for a follow up appointment anytime 6 months or longer after your procedure. After 6 months, if Dr. Truong or his team feel that you are sufficiently healed and the results could be improved with the removal of additional fat, there is no additional charge for revision Liposculpture. Please be aware that your breasts may not be able to be reduced as much as you would like. Liposculpture can only remove fat and since your breast mass is made up of more than just fat (glands, milk ducts,
connective tissue, etc) 

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