Can abdominal liposuction correct asymmetry or previous liposuction surgery?

                                               Yes. Dr. Truong can often correct                                                          for asymmetrical abdominal bulges                                                        or revise previous abdominal                                                                  liposuction surgery performed                                                               elsewhere. Before making an                                                                  appointment for a liposuction                                                                  correction procedure, you must first                                                     have a consultation with Dr. Truong.

How does abdominal liposuction compare to a tummy tuck?

For most patients with abdominal bulges

or excess fatty tissue, abdominal

Struong Liposuction gives results similar

or better than traditional tummy tuck

surgery. Struong Liposuction abdomen

can tighten the skin and abdominal

tissue so that flaccid or lax abdomens

appear more firm and flat. Even very

heavy patients or women who have had multiple pregnancies are very pleased with their outcome and do not need to have a traditional tummy tuck after having abdominal liposuction

What is the cost of abdomen liposuction?

                                                          Abdomen liposuction costs $3,800                                                             for both the upper and lower                                                                  abdomen. The upper or the lower                                                             abdomen done separately is                                                                   $2800. The abdomen consists of the                                                    area under the breast crease on the                                                     rib cage to the lower abominal region                                                     below the belly button (above the                                                           pubic region) and from hip bone to                                                         hip bone. The addition of the love ($2500)                                                        handles, which includes the sides of the waist around to the lower back, brings the total to $6,300. The addition of the hips ($2500), the area above the hip joint to the waist, brings the total to $8,800. There are no additional fees or costs and there is no tax on medical procedures.

What is the abdominal liposuction procedure like?

Abdominal liposuction takes

less than two hours and is done at

our office in STRUONG with only

local anesthesia. No IV sedation is

used and patients walk-in and

walk-out. Patients remain awake and

 alert, listen to music or talk with

Dr. Truong during their procedure.

Most patients report that the smartlipo or tumescent liposuction procedure is comfortable or nearly pain free. The procedure is safe and simple. First, the skin is numbed with lidocaine and a total of 4 tiny punctures (smaller than a spaghetti noodle) are made on the upper and lower abdominal area. A small instrument called a cannula is inserted and fat in the treated area is numbed with a saline-based solution. This numbing process is called tumescence.  Once the fat is numbed, it is removed by the cannula with mild suction.

What are the aftercare instructions for abdominal liposuction?

                                                       After the procedure we will put                                                              you into either a compression                                                                garment that looks like a wide                                                                elastic wrap with velcro or a                                                                    compression garment that looks                                                            like black crotchless bicycle                                                                    shorts. Which compression                                                                      garment you get depends on what areas were treated and where your adit sites were placed. Some patients are given both garments. Under the compression garment we will place absorbant pads over your adit sites to help absorb any drainage. The pads should be changed every 8 to 12 hours until you stop leaking, usually in 2 to 3 days. You can shower any time after the first day, however if you are leaking, you may prefer to wait to shower until the leaking has stopped. 

Should I treat my upper or lower abdomen or both?

Most patients treat the full abdomen

(upper and lower) and love handles

together in one procedure. In fact, the

full abdomen and love handles is the

most popular area we treat. Unless you

are very lean or you have already had

liposuction on your lower abdomen, you

most likely need to treat the upper and lower abdomen together at the same time. If you are heavy, you must treat your upper and lower abdomen together. If your lower belly hangs or folds over when you are standing

Do I need to add SmartLipo skin tightening?

                                         The majority of patients do not need to                                                 the SmartLipo skin tightening laser                                                          because Struong Liposuction will yield the                                              desired cosmetic results and will help                                                     tighten skin. If you are very concerned                                                   with skin tightening, you may wish to add the SmartLipo laser treatment.

What is the difference between the love handles and the hips?

The love handles are section of the side and back that includes the waist and the “muffin top” bulge that is above the waist of jeans or pants. The hips are the part of the sides and back that surround

the hip bones and are above the hip joint. A good rule of thumb is that your love handles is the fat that hangs or bulges above your jeans and the hips are the fat that is contained in your jeans. If you are heavy, obese, or curvy, you will most likely get a better cosmetic result if you treat the love handles and hips together. If you are thin or average size man, it is unlikely that you need to treat your hips since men do not usually have much fat on their hips, though most men have love handles.

Will abdominal NEOLiposculpture give me perfect 6-pack abs?

Probably not. Abdominal NEOLiposculpture

only reveals what you have underneath

your fat layer. If you have a 6-pack buried 

under a layer of fat, you will get a well

defined stomach. If not, your stomach
will heal in the shape of your abdominal

muscle, including any lumps or bumps that

might be present. In men or women who are

out of shape, there are often bulges in the abdominal muscle or hernias that are hidden under fat. Once that fat is removed, these bulges can be revealed.

Can abdomen liposuction be combined with other procedures?

                                              Yes. Abdominal NEOLiposculpture is                                                     often performed in combination with                                                       liposuction of other areas, including the                                                  love handles or thighs. We can remove                                                  up to 10 liters (well over 2 gallons!) of                                                   fat during one procedure, which for most patients means that an additional area can be treated at the same time as the abdomen.

Can I have abdominal NEOLiposculpture if I had a tummy tuck or traditional liposuction?

Yes. If you have previously had a tummy

tuck or undergone traditional liposuction

and you still have excess fat on your 

abdomen, you can have abdominal

NEOLiposculpture. Often patients who

underwent a tummy tuck or liposuction

surgery years ago will accumulate fat on

their abdomen as they age or gain weight. Similarly, patients who have undergone a tummy tuck and have “dog ears” on the ends of their scar.

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Abdomen, Love Handles and Hips

Abdominal Liposuction

Liposuction (most popular area is abdominal liposuction in OC) can give you a flatter and shapelier abdomen. Abdominal liposuction permanently removes fat in the upper and lower abdomen and helps stimulate skin tightening, restoring a tighter and toned appearance. The procedure takes less than two hours and most of you can return to light activities the following day and return to a desk or office job within 48 hours.



Upper & Lower Abdomen Before & After
Sample photos of NEOLiposculpture. Your results may vary.


As men and women age, the abdomen begins to bulge out and accumulate fat deposits. Men often get a large belly and love
handles while women, especially those who have been pregnant, often notice a lower abdominal bulge and a general increase in tummy flab. Both men and women begin to have an undefined waist as they age and become more straight or thick in shape. Abdominal NEOLiposculpture can restore a waist and smooth abdominal bulges so that the stomach is flat. When combined with love handle NEOLiposculpture, the results can be dramatic and the shape of the body looks not only slimmer, but younger and better contoured.



Lower Abdomen Before & After
Sample photos of NEOLiposculpture. Your results may vary.



Male Abdomen Before & After
Sample photos of NEOLiposculpture. Your results may vary.


Patients of all ages and sizes have abdominal NEOLiposculpture and because very small to very large amounts of fat can be removed, abdominal NEOLiposculpture can significantly change the way clothes fit or the way the patient looks in a bathing suit.



Full Abdomen, Love Handles, Hips Before & After 

Sample photos.  Your results may vary.


What are the benefits of abdominal liposuction?

                                                        Abdominal NEOLiposculpture flattens                                                      the abdomen, reduces upper and lower                                                    tummy bulges, and stimulates skin and                                                    tissue tightening. Most patients see a                                                        reduction in overall “jiggliness” and stomach

                                       circumference. After the procedure, the                                                    abdomen is smaller, clothing fits better, and                                            the stomach area is in proportion to the overall body contour. For male patients, abdominal NEOLiposculpture can restore a lost “six-pack” and for women the procedure can bring back the sleek stomach they had in their youth. 

What is the recovery from abdomen liposuction like?

After the procedure, patients feel

very little discomfort. You will be

able to walk around, go grocery

shopping, and drive a car. A light

compression garment similar to

a wide ace bandage is worn over

theabdomen for about 7 days,

depending on individual comfort

levels. There are no stitches and

the tiny adits leak fluid and then close on their own within about 48 hours. Most patients experience only minimal bruising which resolves in a about a week or two. The day after the procedure patients are sore, similar to a doing a strenuous series of sit-ups or abdominal crunches.

Am I a good candidate for abdominal liposuction?

Abdominal liposuction is a very safe procedure and is performed on men and women and of all ages and sizes. In fact, our patients for abdominal liposculpture ranged from ages 17 to 78! If you are in
good general health and are unhappy with the overall size or shape of your abdomen, you are likely a good candidate for abdominal NEOLiposculpture. Dr. Truong’s refined NEOLiposculpture technique stimulates collagen formation and most women or men, even those who are considering a traditional tummy tuck procedure, are generally very pleased with the outcome.  

What if I want additional skin tightening on my abdomen?

                                             If you have abdominal skin that is very                                                      thin, loose or wrinkled or you simply                                                          want additional skin tightening, you can                                                    choose to add the SmartLipo skin                                                              tightening laser. The upper and lower                                                       abdomen are considered two areas. Most patients who choose to add SmartLipo do so only on their lower and upper abdomen and not on their love handles or hips. 

Should I have only the SmartLipo laser (no NEOLiposculpture)?

No. The SmartLipo laser alone is not able

to melt a significant amount of fat or tighten

skin sufficiently and will not yield suitable

cosmetic results.

Will abdominal liposuction affect my future pregnancy or ability to get pregnant? 

                                                        No. Abdominal liposuction will have no                                                     affect on any future pregnancy or your                                                     ability to conceive. The procedure only                                                     removes the fat under the skin. It does                                                     not affect your muscles or organs. 

What if my abdomen or love handles don’t heal evenly or I need more fat removed after my procedure?

We are committed to making you look

as good and feel as happy about the

procedure as possible and we do not

charge for touch up or revision work.

The need for touch up work is very rare,

however if your abdomen or love

handles heal unevenly or you feel that

you would benefit from additional fat being removed, please return to our office for a follow up appointment anytime 6 months or longer after your procedure. After 6 months, if Dr. Truong or his team feel that you are sufficiently healed and the results could be improved with the removal of additional fat, there is an additional supplies fees for revision NEOLiposculpture. 

Is abdominal NEOLiposculpture good for me if I am overweight or obese?

                                                       Yes. Many patients who are                                                                     overweight benefit from                                                                            abdominal NEOLiposculpture                                                                    because the procedure reduces                                                                the bulk of the stomach and                                                                      makes it easier to move and                                                                      exercise. Some patients who                                                                     are beginning an exercise                                                                          routine for the first time in years                                                                choose to have their abdomen treated so that they are able to exercise more easily.

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