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Am I a good candidate for arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction is a very safe procedure and is performed on women of all ages. Most women who have fat accumulation in the
upper arms or are unhappy with the flabbiness of their arms will greatly benefit from arm liposuction. Dr. Truong’s refined NEOLiposculpture technique stimulates collagen formation and most women, even those who consider their skin lax, are very pleased with their skin retraction. If you have had gastric
bypass surgery or have lost more than 100 pounds, you may benefit from a combination of arm liposuction and brachioplasty surgery to help remove redundant skin.

What if I want additional skin tightening on my arms?

If you have upper arm skin that is very thin, loose or wrinkled or you simply want additional skin tightening, you can choose to add the SmartLipo skin tightening laser with no additional charges.

Do I need to add SmartLipo skin tightening? The majority of patients do not need to the SmartLipo skin tightening laser because NEOLiposculpture will yield the desired
cosmetic results and will help tighten skin. If you are very  concerned with skin tightening, you may wish to add the SmartLipo laser treatment.

Should I have only the SmartLipo laser (no NEOLiposculpture)?

No. The SmartLipo laser alone is not able to melt a significant amount of fat or tighten skin sufficiently and will not yield suitable cosmetic results.

Will my arms be perfect after arm NEOLiposculpture?

No. NEOLiposculpture won’t give anyone perfect arms. Every single human arm has flaws, lumps and bumps. No two arms are exactly the same. After NEOLiposculpture your arms will have dramatically less fat and somewhat tighter skin, but they still may not be the arms of your dreams. Even though fat will be removed evenly, the human body isn’t perfect and it is guaranteed that you will have some minor imperfections and asymmetry due to the unpredictable nature of the healing process. In fact, you probably have minor imperfections and asymmetry right now. The imperfections after NEOLiposculpture will be very slight and most likely not noticeable to anyone other than you. The goal of NEOLiposculpture is improvement, not perfection.

What if my arms don’t heal evenly or I need more fat removed after my procedure?

We are committed to making you look as good and feel as happy about the procedure as possible and we do not charge for
touch up or revision work. The need for touch up work is rare, however if your arms heal unevenly or you feel that you would benefit from additional fat being removed, please return to our office for a follow up appointment anytime 6 months or longer after your procedure. After 6 months, if Dr. Truong or his team feel that you are sufficiently healed and the results could be improved with the removal of additional fat, there is no additional charge for revision NEOLiposculpture.

What areas of the arms can be treated?

Almost the entire arm can be treated with arm liposuction. Most women accumulate fat on the under side of the upper arm.
Upper arm NEOLiposculpture removes the fat on the under side of the upper arm and includes the fat on and above the elbow. Women with very large arms often select to treat the upper arms and the forearms together, which results in a nicely tapered arm and smaller wrist. For women who have fat only on their upper arms, the forearm is usually not treated. Women who prefer very small forearms or women who have previously undergone upper arm NEOLiposculpture or brachioplasty can choose to treat the forearms without treating the upper arms.

Can arm liposuction be combined with other procedures?

Yes. Arm liposuction is often performed in combination with liposuction of other areas, including the bra rolls on the back and the front bra roll (the armpit bulge). It is also commonly performed
at the same time other regions of the body, such as the chin, abdomen or thighs, are treated. The number of areas you can have treated at one time depends on your height and weight. Not all patients will be able to treat an unlimited number of areas in one procedure.

How does arm liposuction compare to brachioplasty?

For most women, brachioplasty is an unnecessarily invasive procedure with greater risk of serious complications, prolonged downtime with slower and more painful recovery, and results in
significant and permanent scaring. Furthermore, for most women, liposuction results in a better cosmetic outcome with smoother and more precise results. Brachioplasty is an invasive surgical procedure that involves large incisions to remove skin and fat tissue. The surgery is performed under heavy anesthesia,
often times requiring overnight observation. Due to the extensive tissue trauma, patients must plan for 3-4 weeks off work and will have lifetime scars of 6-10″ in length, which thicken for up to 1 year after surgery. However, for individuals who have undergone gastric bypass surgery or lost more than 100 pounds, brachioplasty may be required for reduction of redundant skin.

Wh​at is the cost of arm liposuction?

Upper arm liposuction costs $3500 and includes both arms. If you would like to treat the arms and bra rolls together, the cost is $6000. The upper arms and forearms are $5600. There are no additional fees or costs.

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Arm Liposuction

Arm liposuction at Struong Cosmetic in Westminster, Orange County is ideal for women looking to get rid of flabby arms, and the procedure is especially popular in the summer or before special occasions, like weddings. Arm liposuction permanently removes upper arm fat and helps stimulate skin tightening. The procedure takes about an hour and recovery is quick – most patients immediately return to normal activities the same day and feel mild to moderate soreness the following day.

Arms Before & After
These are sample pictures. Your results may vary.

Arms Before & After
These are sample pictures. Your results may vary.

Most women are genetically predisposed to fat accumulation in the upper arms. With age, the upper arm skin loses thickness and
elasticity. This natural aging process of the skin combined with fat
accumulation leads to the common but undesired “bat wing” effect.
Unfortunately, diet and exercise will not reverse or correct upper arm flabbiness. The way your arms look is largely determined by genetics – even relatively thin or young women can suffer from flabby, hanging arms. Arm liposuction safely removes underarm fat and helps correct for skin laxity, resulting in a smoother, smaller and younger looking arms.

What are the benefits of arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction provides a more youthful appearance and thinner contour to the arms. There is a reduction of flabbiness and fat in the upper arms and improved appearance in related folds of skin and fat on the upper chest near the armpit, which are particularly apparent when the arms are down at the sides. The results are permanent and unlike brachioplasty, arm liposuction leaves no unsightly scars and does not require any stitches.

What is the arm liposuction procedure like?

Arm liposuction takes about an hour and is done at our office with local skin numbing. No IV sedation is used and patients walk-in and walk-out. Patients remain awake and alert, listen to music or talk
with Dr. Truong or his Team during their procedure. Most patients report that the procedure is comfortable or virtually pain free. The procedure is safe and simple. First, the skin is numbed with lidocaine and a three tiny punctures (smaller than a spaghetti noodle) are made on each arm. A small instrument called a cannula is inserted and fat in the treated area is numbed with a saline-based solution. This numbing process is called tumescence. Once the fat is numbed, it is removed by the cannula with mild suction. Dr. Truong uses a gentle NEOLiposculpture technique with instruments that are smaller than an angel hair pasta noodle. These smaller instruments lead to more precise results and faster recovery.

What is arm liposuction recovery like?

After the procedure, most patients feel little to no discomfort. A light compression garment is worn over the upper arms and
treated areas for 7 days, depending on individual comfort levels. There are no stitches and the tiny punctures close on their own. Most patients experience only minimal bruising which resolves in about a week to 10 days. Unlike brachioplasty, arm liposuction patients are immediately able to walk and utilize their arms. Some patients return to work or drive themselves home. The following day the arms are sore similar to a workout, however patients can
perform any activity as tolerated. Patients who use their arms in their jobs, like hairdressers, should plan on taking the following day or two off work. A mild degree of soreness can last up to 2 months, but most patients report almost no soreness after 3 weeks. The length of time the arms remain sore varies. During the healing process it is normal to have each arm heal at a different speed. Patients report that one arm looks better than the other or
has less discomfort than the other for the first two months. After two months, both arms usually feel and look about the same. Similarly, many patients report that their elbows remain slightly swollen or puffy for a month or two after the procedure. Our office sends patients home with all the supplies and medications
that they will require, including pain medication, however most patients treat any soreness with ibuprophen or Tylenol.

What are the aftercare instructions for arm liposuction?

After the procedure we will put you into a compression garment that looks like a black sports bra with 3/4 length sleeves. Under the compression garment we will place absorbent pads over your adit sites to help absorb any drainage. The pads should be changed every 8 to 12 hours until you stop leaking, usually in about 2 days. You can shower any time after the first day, however if you are leaking, you may prefer to wait to shower until the leaking has stopped. After you stop leaking, you can launder your garment in a washing machine. Your garment should be worn for the first 7 days, taking it off only for showers or laundry. After the first 7 days, the compression garment is optional. Some patients enjoy wearing the garment and feel good with it on while others are irritated by the garment and prefer not wearing it. After 7 days, the choice to wear the garment is yours and you can treat your arms as usual, including any sun tanning, lotions or exercise.

What results can I expect from arm liposuction?

Arm liposuction results are impressive and can restore a youthful and shapely appearance. The procedure can remove about 70%
of the fat that can be pinched on the arm and help correct arm flabbiness and skin laxity. A good result is apparent in 2 to 9 weeks and results improve over the next 6 months as new collagen forms and the skin retracts. Unlike other areas of the body, the arms rarely swell after the procedure, so patients see initial results quickly. The degree of bruising varies from person to person,
but the elbow area commonly turns a light yellow or purple for 2 weeks after the procedure. Patients are able to wear tank tops and short sleeve clothing with improved confidence in about 4-6 weeks.

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