Do I need to add SmartLipo skin tightening to my pubic areas?

No. No patient has ever needed

additional skin tightening on their

pubic area after Liposuction. 

Will treating my pubic area affect any future pregnancy or my ability to get pregnant?

                                                 No. Removal of excess pubic fat will                                                            not affect any subsequent pregnancy or                                                    fertility. 

Can I have pubic Liposcution if I have a tummy tuck or c-section scar?

Yes. The presence of a scar will not affect 

the procedure. Typically, the incision sites

are placed on the scar line so that no

additional skin blemishes will be present.

What is pubic Liposuction like?

                                                      The pubic area usually is one that                                                               generates considerable anxiety with                                                           patients; however it is an easy area to                                                        treat and there is very little comfort.                                                              Pubic Liposuction takes less than                                                                one hour per area and is done at our                                                       office with only local anesthesia. No                                                            IV sedation is used and patients walk-                                                        in and walk out. Patients remain                                                                  awake and alert, listen to music or talk                                                       with our staff during their procedure. Most patients report that the procedure is comfortable or nearly pain free. 

What is the recovery from pubic Liposuction?

The recovery from pubic Liposuction

is simple. You can drive yourself home and

return to work the same or next day. Most

patients experience a mild to moderate

about of swelling and bruising, which

usually resolves in less than 2 weeks.

Patients are able to wear tight pants or

swimsuits with improved confidence in

about 3 to 4 weeks. You can resume

normal sexual activity immediately, however most patients report feeling sore and tender in the pubic region for about a week. 

What causes excess fat in the pubic region?

Your genetic code determines the

distribution of your fat cells. Whether

or not you have excess fat on in your

pubic area is determined by your

genetic code. Some very obese people

do not have any excess pubic fat while

other relatively thin people have more

pubic fat than average. Other than 

general weight loss, there is no way to

specifically remove excess pubic fat other than with liposuction.

Are there any sexual side effects from having the pubic area treated?

                                                                  No. Pubic Liposuction will not                                                           cause any permanent sexual side                                                               effects. Your libido and sensation will                                                         not be affected. Short term swelling,                                                           bruising and tenderness can last up                                                           to 4 weeks,  but there are no long           terms sexual side effects. 

Do I need to shave my pubic hair before the


No. You do not need to shave your pubic hair 

before the procedure.

What is the cost of pubic Liposuction?

If pubic Liposuction is performed by

itself, the cost is $2400. If pubic

NEOLiposculpture is added to other area, the

cost is $800. There are no additional fees.


Pubic Smartlipo Orange County CA

Pubic Laser Liposuction

​Smartlipo or Laser Liposuction of

the pubic area has always been a

popular procedure, however it is

becoming more and more talked

about in the media as the popularity

of genital cosmetic surgery increases.

Pubic laser liposuction is commonly

performed on men and women of

any age who wish to reduce the size and fullness of their genital area. The procedure is specially common with women who have previously undergone a tummy tuck. While many people feel embarrassed by excess genital fat, rest assured it is entirely normal. People who are thin or heavy often feel as though they have more pubic fat than they would like. The procedure removes about 70% of the volume that can be pinched between the fingers in the treated area, which results in a flatter genital shape. The procedure takes about an hour and you can drive yourself home and return to normal activities and work the same or the following day.

What are the benefits of Pubic Liposuction?

                                                              Pubic Liposuction flattens the                                                                             pubic bulges and stimulates skin and                                                                tissue tightening. Most patients see a                                                                reduction in overall “jiggliness” and                                                                    protuberance of the pubic area. After                                                                the procedure, the pubic area is                                                                         smaller and flatter so underwear and    swimsuits fit better and the pubic area is in proportion to the overall body. In most patients, less than 300cc (one coke can) needs to be removed in order to give optimal results. The results of pubic Liposuction are permanent and the procedure leaves no unsightly scars and does not require any stitches.

Sample photo of Pubic Liposuction.  Your results may vary.

What area of the pubic region is treated?

In women, fat is

removed from the

area above the

pubic hair down to

the labia. In men,

fat is removed

from the area 

above the pubic hair down to the base of the scrotum. The area can extend to from about hip bone to hip bone.

Am I a good candidate for pubic Liposuction?

                                                                Pubic Liposuction is performed                                                                      on men and women of all ages. If you                                                                 have more fat in your pubic region                                                                    than you would like, you may be                                                                           happy with pubic Liposuction.                                                                             Similarly, if you have a large abdomen                                                              that is going to be reduced with                                                                          Liposuction or has already been reduced with a tummy tuck or traditional liposuction performed elsewhere, you may want to have your pubic region treated so that it matches your new body contour.


Should I have my pubic area treated at the same time as my abdomen?

If you currently have what you

consider a fatty pubic area and you

are having your abdomen treated, you

may want to have your pubic area

treated at the same time so that your

newly reduced abdomen does not

make an untreated pubic area appear

larger by comparison. It is less 

expensive to have the pubic area

treated at the same time as the abdomen ($800) versus treating the pubic area by itself ($2400). When you have the pubic area treated at the same time as the abdomen, the incision sites used for the lower abdomen will also be used to treat the pubic area.


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